Below the cut you’ll find a masterlist of links to resources specializing in combat. The masterlist covers topics such as the military, hand to hand combat, injuries, firearms, and various other weapons. If you have anything you’d like to add to the masterlist then feel free to send me a message.
Writing Combat
Why We Fight
Making Action Scenes Come to Life
How to Write a Fight Scene
Writing Violence Part 1: Developing Characters and Comfort Levels (And You)
Writing Violence Part 2: Cause and Effect
Writing Violence Part 3: Pacing
Dramatic Action is More Than Doing Stuff
Writing Action Sequences
Seven Deadly Fighting Scene Sins
Writing Combat Scenes with a Child Character
Fight Scene Strategies: The Individual Vs. The Group
Five Simple Ways to Write Convincing Writing Scenes
How to Write a Kick-Ass Fight Scene
Fight Write: Your Character’s Weapon is Also a Character
Writing Battles
How to Write a Fight Scene, Compiled by Bryce Beattie
Action With a Side of Zombie
Workings of a Military
Military & PTSD Sources
Indie Helper’s “So you Want to be a Soldier Airmen, Marine, or Seaman?”
Indie Helper’s “So you Want to be a Soldier, Airmen, Marine, or Seaman?: Basic Training”
Army Rankings
US Marine Uniform in the Field
US Military Ranks
The Reasons for Wars
NATO Standard Phonetic Alphabet
Medieval Armies
Military Sign Language 
Navy Ranks
Weapons Used in US Military
Hand to Hand
When Throwing a Punch
Realistic Writing: Fighting in Suits
Fight Wright: Basic Upper Body Primer (Open Hand)
Control Points: The Head
Weapon Primer: Elbows and Knees
Fight Write: Basic Upper Body Primer (Fists)
Fight Write: The Art of Stepping
Fight Write: The Art of Blocking
Unusual Martial Arts: Street Fighting
Weapon Primer: Basic Kicks Part One (Body Parts)
Weapon Primer: Basic Kicks Part Two (Kicks + Footwork)
Weapon Primer: Basic Kicks Part Three (Combinations + Your Character)
Fight Write: Watch the Whole Body
Fight Write: Some Thoughts on Height and Weight
Fight Write: Brutality
Your Character Can Only Strike In the Direction Their Hips Point
Fight Write: On Hair Pulling
Weaponry (In Exception of Firearms and Knives)
The Basics of Weaponry
Weapons (and Women)
Weapon Primer: Archery
Video on Medieval Weaponry
Types of Chemical Weapons
Drawing Bows
Axe Fighting Techniques
"Weapons Other Than Swords"
Knives, Daggers, and Swords
The Complete Guide to Knife Blades
Throwing Knives and Daggers
Japanese Swords
A Beginner’s Glossary for Terms of Swords
6 Things Movies get Wrong About Swords
Anatomy of a Knife
Weapon Primer: The Katana
A Brief Introduction to Armored Longsword Combat
Weapon Primer: The Sword (Europe)
Knife Fighting Techniques
How to Grip a Knife
Parts of the Japanese Sword
Guide on Knives and Knife Fighting
European Parrying Daggers
Knife Fighting
Sword Fighting: Training and Basics
Anatomy of the Different Types of Knives
Butcher Tools
On Writing Gun Safety
Choosing a Gun for your Character
Realistic Writing: Hand Guns
Gun Terms for Writers
Bullets Don’t Work that Way
A Little Bastard Guide: Firearms
Entry and Exit Holes
Stupid Gun Mistakes Writer’s Make
How to Fire a Rifle 
10 Shooting Tips From Army Marksmen
How to Shoot a Shotgun
How to Fire a Gun: Both Eyes Open Vs. One
How to Handle a Firearm Safely
Firearms Tutorial
List of 19th Century Gun Resources
Real Western: Firearms
Guns 1800-1899
What’s Inside a Bullet
TWH Fighting Series: Magic
A Guide to Spell Writing
Spells, Charms, Curses, and More (Harry Potter Universe)
Offensive and Defensive Spells (Harry Potter Universe)
Dressing In Armor (Medieval)
Cutting of Swords and Armor Video
Medieval Armor
Medieval Armor Cont’d
Women and Armor
Bulletproof Vests
Different Types of Modern Day Armor
Gunshot Wounds
The Best Places to Get Shot
Wound Types, Stages of Healing & Treatments
Injuries Reference List
On Scars
Describing Pain
Writing Guide: Gunshot Wounds by Matt Leach
Reference for Writers: Blood
Battle Wounds: Never Pull an Arrow From a Body
Injured in the Line of Er… Writing
Not Just a Flesh Wound: Writing Injury and Illness
Injuries During Medieval Era
Knife Wounds
A Brief Guide to Sutures
benedicthelp’s A Study in Physical Injuries
Pain Scale for Intensity Measurement and Management
The Dubious Quick Kill: Writing Realistic Killing Wounds
A Guide to PTSD
A Summary of How People Die (and Don’t Die) In Sword Fights
irant-rpc’s Guide to Writing a Torture Scene
tonkinrpa’s Guide to Torturing Someone
Creating Fight Scenes and Battles
RPG Plot Ideas: Types of Warfare
Tip: Women Are Not Weaker Than Men

Below the cut you’ll find a masterlist of links to resources specializing in combat. The masterlist covers topics such as the military, hand to hand combat, injuries, firearms, and various other weapons. If you have anything you’d like to add to the masterlist then feel free to send me a message.

Writing Combat


Hand to Hand

Weaponry (In Exception of Firearms and Knives)

Knives, Daggers, and Swords






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