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Theme 006: Princess Mechanic by holllandmarie

Please Like or Reblog if you use this code. Do not use as a base or redistribute.Keep the credit in tact.
Eight Custom Links
500px Posts
Topbar Image: 100px width, 100px height
Sidebar Image: 245px width

Live Preview - Code


Theme 006: Princess Mechanic by holllandmarie

Please Like or Reblog if you use this code. 
Do not use as a base or redistribute.
Keep the credit in tact.

  • Eight Custom Links
  • 500px Posts
  • Topbar Image: 100px width, 100px height
  • Sidebar Image: 245px width

Live Preview - Code

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witch series - witchboys (1/?)

the boys aren’t as powerful as the girls, but they’re plenty wicked. 


witch series - witchboys (1/?)

the boys aren’t as powerful as the girls, but they’re plenty wicked. 

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Keahu Kahuanui Gif Hunt


Gif hunt containing approx 200 gifs of Keahu Kahuanui, all small/medium HQ, textless, and with the right HTML to avoid the grey boxes. None of these gifs belong to me but I did edit, crop, or resize several of them.

***Trigger warning for flashing lights***


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Anonymous bitched: Can I ask for some advice? Whenever I join a group, I instantly lose my muse for the character. No matter how much I try to motivate or allow myself to create, my insecurity gets the best out of me and my abilities. Do you have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? I always end up quitting groups because I don't feel good enough or welcomed enough, no matter how many people actually compliment me or help me out.


Based on what you’ve said, there are two things you need to put your best efforts into: building confidence and building you character.


When it comes to RP (or even life) confidence there are a few tricks I’ve learned.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Just quit it. Their style is theirs and yours is yours. If writing was all the same and if people only wrote in the same voice as one particular writer, it would be boring. Who gives a damn if they’re more “successful” or “popular?” They were in your spot at some point too.
  • Quit cutting yourself down. Any time you find yourself doubting your writing, your ideas, or your creativity, immediately interrupt the negative thoughts and do something positive.
    It’s hard as hell at times, but when you start having doubts, stop and compliment yourself. For instance: “I’m actually writing while someone else is only thinking about writing.”
  • Speed write. You don’t even have to post it anywhere. Just find a prompt you like and GO. Fuck typos and don’t stress about repeating yourself.  Time yourself for three minutes and go on a ramble. Do this every day. It not only riles up your creativity, but it will strengthen your voice.
  • Remember: This is roleplay, not the NY Time Best Seller’s list. Everyone in RP is a bumbling idiot and RP is an exercise and an escape, not a competition.


As for developing your character and keeping your muse, you’re gonna need to fall in love with your character. And I don’t mean just “I really like this character and the FC is attractive!” I mean you’re gonna have to fall into an obsession with them.

  • All those questionnaires? Start doing them to familiarize yourself with your character. HOW EV ER you need to know what matters. Questions asking about what brand of deodorant they wear or what their favorite brand of peanut butter is (and do they prefer crunchy or smooth) usually don’t fucking matter.
    Things you need to know and answer are the things that drive the character and give them motivation.
  • You’re also going to want to figure out what tropes your character falls into and how to explore and expand on them. Tropes and clichés are not the same thing (unless the trope is Manic Pixie Dream Girl. This is just my opinion though. Funny enough, deodorant and peanut butter also matter to this trope.)
  • Here is a list of other things you should know about your character.
  • What goals do you have for this character? Are they meant to crush souls? Do they want the nuclear family with the golden retriever and 2.5 kids? Do they have a tragic ending?  Write short term and long term goals down. Ya gotta know these things going in and work toward them.This brings me to my next point…

Reach out. I don’t mean for approval, either. I mean, get into your OOC chat and ask “Hey does anybody wanna plot?”  Guess what? Someone will.
Guess what else? You should probably have at least one idea you would like to plot! Make sure that idea is adaptable to a few different potential replies. All too often this is how the conversation goes:
”Hey! Anybody wanna plot? Inbox me!”
”I would love to plot! What did you have in mind?”
”……..” or “IDK. What do you wanna plot?”
What the hell? I thought you wanted to plot! Don’t ask the question before you have at least one idea and be prepared to be flexible!

I hope some of this was useful! If you need any more clarification, please feel free to ask!


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What Should You Know About Your Characters?


What should you know about your characters before you begin? How well should you know their backstory? What should you plan out? It really depends on what kind of writer you are, but many people need to have a lot of details planned out before they begin. If you want to have complete control over the direction or your novel, consider spending a lot of time on character development.

You should have general idea of where your character wants to go. 

Meaning—you should know your character’s motivation and what their goals are. Understanding what your character wants and needs is important. Even if the character is unsure of their future, we need to know what they plan to do. They need to want something.

You should know why your characters are the way they are. 

You need to know about their past if you want to write about how they are currently. If a character is mean and nasty, usually there’s a reason why they are that way. You don’t have to tell your readers right off the bat, but it can be exposed slowly over the course of your novel. This goes with villains needing motive. Most people aren’t just evil because they feel like being evil. They usually think they’re the hero.

You need to understand your characters relationships to each other. 

How will they meet? How do they already know each other? How will their relationships grow? What are the events that will tie your characters together? It’s important that you know how your characters will interact and support each other.

It’s important that you know how your characters will interact with the world they live in.

Does the world you created have an impact on their actions and where they’re going? Does it hinder them in some way? Locations should have an impact on the action and how your character will reach his or her goals. Take some time to plan it out.

Names, ages, what they look like, etc. is usually information you should know before you begin. 

I think you should know what your character looks like, so you can have a clear picture in your mind. Your readers won’t know who your character is unless you do. Obviously physical traits aren’t the most important thing about your story, but we all like to picture who we read about. Readers will come up with their own interpretations, but they need a starting point.

You don’t need to know everything about your characters before you begin because some things you’ll learn along the way. Not having everything planned out shouldn’t be an excuse not to start. Knowing your main characters, the plot, and who your main characters will meet along the way is a good start. Other stuff you can work on as you’re writing.

-Kris Noel

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Under the cut are about #805 gifs of Jennifer Morrison, best known for her role as Emma Swan in OUAT or Allison Cameron in House.  None of these gifs belong to me and if you’d like me to take your gifs down or credit or whatever just shoot me a message. I will take them down immediately I don’t  want anyone to get angry at me because I put their gifs in this hunt. I apologize in advance for any repeats and I don’t believe there are any frozen gifs. Oh, and if anything in House or OUAT could trigger you don’t go in this hunt because there’s a lot of those heavy, emotional  House and OUAT scenes gifs in here. Likes and reblogs are appreciated. Last Update: First posted 7/14/14


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Anonymous bitched: I'm writing a novel that's set in the 90s and I was born in the 90s but I was looking for more information, not just from my own personal experience of growing up during this time. Thank you! :)


First off, what’s your setting? For me, I lived both in the Philippines and American during the 1990s. In both countries, my family was considered to be middle class, and yet my life was completely different in the Philippines compared to America. In the Philippines, my family rented a two-story, two-bedroom house, had a tire store of sorts, and could afford a live-in yaya (nursemaid in English, I think?); however, we had no healthcare insurance and we depended a lot on relatives (while other relatives depended on us and lived with us, meaning bedrooms were always crammed). In America, even if everyone but my brother and I work, my family could only afford a tiny one-bedroom apartment (two parents in bed, brother and I on the bedroom floor, and two grandparents in the living room); however, healthcare is much better, and there is little ageism when it comes to applying for jobs. Also, racism was not as apparent in America than it was in the Philippines, mainly because America is more ethnically diverse (at least where I came from).

tl;dr, Setting is very important, and will affect almost everything in your story.

Secondly, you’re welcome to ask me about my experience of the ’90s~ It’d be best for you if you talk to multiple people (of different ages, too) about their experiences.

Now for links, which will be centered on American culture due to the lack of a specific region or location in the ask. tumblr blogs are in italics.


Entertainment - Games

Entertainment - Movies 

Entertainment - Music

Entertainment - TV Shows

Entertainment - Misc




Science and Technology

I’m really, really sorry for the awfully long wait, but I hope that helps!

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For an anti-hero to work as a protagonist, he needs saving graces. He might be a boozer, a brawler, or an irresponsible louse, but readers need to be convinced he has some real talents or virtues.


- Jerome Stern, Making Shapely Fiction (via writersyoga)
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Anonymous bitched: Do you have any advice on how to make spiritual possession comedic?

It really depends on the type/style of comedy you’re wanting to go for. Do you want it to be downright silly, almost slap-stick in nature? Or would you rather do something a little closer to the lines of dark comedy? Once you get a sense of the tone you want for the piece then I’d research a little more about that particular style of comedy (maybe even watch a movie or two with that genre), and how it can be applied to your particular scene. The list of comedy styles varies quite greatly so instead of listing them all off, I’ll just point you in the direction of a couple web resources: 

Here are also some resources on writing comedy in general if you need it: 

When writing comedy revolving around a particular religion be careful with your wording. I’d suggest reading up on satirical humor, and get yourself familiar with how to mock something without being downright offensive. 

I apologize if this is all a bit vague, if you do have an idea of the style of comedy and just need some ideas message me back and I’ll try to help you out the best that I can. :) 

- Mickey

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Anonymous bitched: How do you play a character that is under the imperius curse? Do they think, do they hear things or something?


Ooh, this is a very interesting question!

Most of what we know about being under the imperius curse comes from the fourth book, where Harry is under the spell on two separate occasions (Defense class and in the graveyard). Unfortunately my book is at school at the moment, so I can’t read the passages over for myself but I’d highly recommend you do that! That’ll give you the best feel, I think.

Here’s some information from the wikia:

  • Barty Crouch as Moody has this to say: Total control. I could make it jump out the window, drown itself, throw itself down one of your throats…
  • A quote from Harry (in class): It was the most wonderful feeling. Harry felt a floating sensation as every thought and worry in his head was wiped gently away, leaving nothing but a vague, untraceable happiness. He stood there feeling immensely relaxed, only dimly aware of everyone watching him.
  • From the wikia directly:

An adequately Imperiused being is placed under the caster’s total control and may be directed to do anything the caster wishes, including crimes such as murder, political corruption, embezzlement, and even suicide.

Also, whilst under the caster’s control, the curse may also endow the victim with whatever skills that are required in order to complete the task at hand, such as increased strength or allowing them to cast spells far above their level. For example, an Imperiused Neville Longbottom was able to perform a series of “quite astonishing gymnastics” under the curse that he would not normally be capable of.

Resisting the Imperius Curse is possible, but requires great strength of will and character. Harry PotterBarty Crouch Sr. and Barty Crouch Jr. each learned to resist the curse after being subjected to its effects, though the latter two took quite a long time before building the said resistance, and in Barty Sr.’s case, resistance against Voldemort’s powerful curse has seemingly caused mental damage. Resisting the Imperius Curse is similar toOcclumency, which requires a great amount of willpower, though it is unknown if Occlumency would actually work against the curse.

a link to the wikia for more information

What it seems like is that the victim will simply feel a very strong, almost irresistible desire to do whatever the caster wishes. This is  similar to the muggle repelling spells described throughout the series operate.

That’s the best information I can give you, I think! Remember that resisting the curse is very hard and while it can be learned, it seems, it requires a large amount of natural talent (or extreme stubbornness) to do so easily. 

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